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Buteyko Method Testimonials

The British Thoracic Society Endorsed Buteyko May 2008

The updated British Guidelines for the Management of Asthma have endorsed Buteyko Technique so that GPs and asthma nurses can now recommend it with confidence.
The new guidelines grade the research on Buteyko as a 'B' classification - indicating that there are high quality clinical trials supporting the efficacy of the therapy in reducing both asthma symptoms and broncho-dilator usage. No other complementary therapy has been endorsed by this body for the treatment of asthma. The guidelines are produced jointly by the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network and the British Thoracic Society. "The Buteyko breathing technique specifically focuses on control of hyperventilation and any ensuing hypocapnia. Four clinical trials suggest benefits in terms of reduced symptoms and bronchodilator usage but no effect on lung function. The Buteyko breathing technique may be considered to help patients to control the symptoms of asthma."

Comments from Doctors on the Buteyko Method

" I've been astonished and also very pleased with the excellent result. There is no disruption of their life at all by their disease: normal activities; not waking at night; not needing to use any reliever medications. It's just great... 75% control is about as good as anyone has got in any study of asthma . The neat thing about it is that it has no side effects. It's very safe. The Buteyko technique certainly has been shown to be an important adjunct to treatment."  
Dr Bob Cowie - Calgary Trial of Buteyko Method

"Those practising Buteyko Breathing Technique reduced hyperventilation and their use of relievers. A trend toward reduced inhaled steroid use and better quality of life was observed in these patients without objective changes in measures of airway calibre."
Simon D Bowler, FRACP, Thoracic Physician.,Charles A Mitchell, FRACP, Associate Professor. et alia

"The ability to produce marked reductions in asthma-drug utilisation suggests that the pharmaceutical-economic implications of BBT (Buteyko Breathing Technique) merit further study. Clarification of the mechanism(s) underlying the effectiveness of BBT is a further goal, given that BBT appears to represent a safe, efficacious alternative for the management of asthma. "
Dr Patrick McHugh, Emergency Department, Gisborne Hospital, New Zealand et alia

"The simple fact is that 34 patients, prior to Buteyko, were costing £15,000 for their asthma medication," he said. "After Buteyko, they were costing £5,000. That's a reduction of two-thirds in their drugs bill. If this was extended to the rest of the country, very significant savings could be made ."
Doctor Gerald Spence Glasgow UK

"I have experienced the Buteyko breathing technique both personally and professionally and found it to be a very effective treatment for asthma. I experienced substantial relief and improvement for my lifelong asthma and rhinitis within 3 days of starting my treatment seminar and the results have proved to be long-lasting. I was so impressed that I have now trained as a Buteyko practitioner ."
Doctor Kevin Treacy, New Zealand

" Professor Buteyko's principles are entirely consistent with the physiological facts established by medical research 120 years ago . The Buteyko system makes use of the person's own resources and trains them in taking responsibility for their own health. They become less dependant on outside agencies such as hospitals, doctors and physiotherapists, thereby reducing the costs to the health service".
Doctor Godfrey Nelson M.B.B.A, F.R.A.C, G.P

"The Buteyko Institute Method provides a comprehensive approach to achieving safe and effective asthma control. I find that the Buteyko Institute Method helps control asthma through simple breathing exercises and asthma education, rather than medication . the method respects the doctor-patient relationship, teaching patients to control their reliever medication, only stepping down steroids under medical supervision. This is in line with accepted 'best practice' asthma management worldwide."
Dr Anand, MBBS MRCGP, Newcastle upon Tyne

Patient Testimonials

"Really helped to reduce my medication, feeling much better. Normally two to three attacks per week, since course have been able to overcome all attacks with Buteyko ."   William G. Iden Green, Kent

"My asthma was getting worse before the Buteyko course. I've been able to overcome most attacks, my energy has increased, my appetite lessened, I have less tension. My condition has greatly improved. I was slightly sceptical about the course but now I am a firm believer, it works!"   Lisa B. Sandhurst, Kent

"I began to notice the benefits within a matter of days. As an asthmatic since childhood, after seven days Buteyko has already changed my breathing , asthma, sleep and has reduced my appetite, it really does work!" Daniel R. Bodiam, Kent

"No reliever used since start of course, happy to be able to breathe through the nose after so many years mouth breathing and my energy has increased."
Nigel C. Hawkhurst, Kent

" I would thoroughly recommend the Buteyko technique to anyone wishing to be in better control of their asthma . Reduced use of Ventolin, prior to the course my condition was getting worse, now overcoming attacks, sleeping better, energy increased, less tension, greatly improved."   Carol R. St Leonards, East Sussex

" Wished I'd come across the technique forty years ago. " I have inimal reaction now to dogs that would previously trigger chest tightness immediately. Unaffected now any change in air temperature, this used to be a trigger. Great result!" David R. Dover, Kent

" My energy has increased and my health has greatly improved . Everyone should have the opportunity to do this course to optimize their health & wellbeing"
Pamela F. Chislehurst, Kent

" Much calmer, less likely to panic, have stopped getting sleep apnoea. No reliever for three months now, down to one puff preventer per day (from two to four), sleeping better, overcoming most asthma attacks, energy levels up." Vivien B. Wadhurst, Kent

"Stopped all reliever medication , condition greatly improved , less mucus production, clearer nasal passages, little or no coughing., sleeping better, energy levels increased" Dudley C. Headcorn, Kent

  " Very pleased with my progress , no reliever needed, no chest tightness, no rattles, no snoring and breathing better." Judy A. Ashford, Kent


Adding Video Testimonials in due course. - Michael Lingard - Buteyko Practitioner - Hawkhurst - Kent - UK