The Skype Lifestyle Course HERE

This course combines Diet and Breath Training on Skype over six week.


"The Buteyko Guide to Better Breathing & Better Health" will give you a broad introduction to the Buteyko Method, its history, science, conditions that can be helped and more.

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"The Buteyko Guide to Better Asthma Management" The introductory guide for asthmatics.

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Download pdf leadlets on relevant conditions:

Allergic rhinitis
Angina Asthma
Allergies Baby Buteyko
Chronic FS/ME Eczema/skin probs.
Emphysema Hay fever
Hypertension Orthodontics
Panic attacks Sinusitis
Sleep apnoea Snoring
Sports performance Stress management


Full Buteyko Course

There is no substitute for the full five session training course, as individual training is often necessary to deal with the many problems people may meet when changing a long-standing bad habit of hyperventilating and the many other lifestyle factors that are part of the full training. Generally it makes sense that if your Control Pause is less than 20 seconds you ought to enroll on a full training course. Current Course details of content and fees can be downloaded HERE - Michael Lingard - Buteyko Practitioner - Hawkhurst - Kent - UK